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Freedom Besieged Calgary

The Hellenic Initiative Canada and the Greek Community of Calgary welcomes Four-time Olympic medallist legend Pyrros Dimas and raise funds to support SOS Children’s Villages Greece.

Calgary, Alberta

Greek Olympic champion and legend in weightlifting Pyrros Dimas, was welcomed with enthusiasm and emotion at the first event in Western Canada co-hosted by The Hellenic Initiative Canada and the Greek Community of Calgary on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

The event featured the screening of a documentary by Greek-Canadian director Panagiotis Yannitsos titled “Freedom Besieged: Unshackling the Youth of Greece” about the impact of the financial crisis on Greek youth and the search for creative ways out. In an effort to build the new generation’s lost communication bridge in Greece with the world around them, the documentary captures individual and collective initiatives that create hope for the future. At the same time, it is targeting experts, scientists and politicians to document the solutions they offer – from intellectual Noam Chomsky to communications expert Peter Economides.

The post-crisis debate on film and Greece that followed the screening, with the rising filmmaker stressing that his intention was to allow all voices to be heard, whether that was the voice of 15 year-old boy or Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. A special role in the film was played by Greek-Canadian volunteer coach Kiveri Basketball Camp, John Karkalatos and athletes such as George Karagounis, Dimitris Diamantidis and Pyrros Dimas, who have successfully sparked national pride and inspired young Greeks of the diaspora.

Pyrros Dimas received the admiration of the young students of the Calgary Greek Community School, whose evening classes he attended before the event. In a thrilling atmosphere, he watched the children sing the national anthem and visited them in their classrooms. During the discussion, he also talked about how he sees Greece from Chicago, where he currently is Technical Director for the US weightlifting team. His answer was: “More beautiful but with problems”. Mr. Dimas was involved in politics and commented that he “never regretted taking a stand” as in 2012 he felt compelled to join the then government’s effort to help the country, adopting a non-negotiable stance against racism and a bold position in favor of Greece’s European future in the 2015 referendum.

A special highlight of the event was when he was awarded a white cowboy hat at the famous White Hat Ceremony by Calgary City authorities for its distinguished visitors, as an indication of the famous Western hospitality. Mr. Dimas was awarded a gold wreath from THI Canada. The president of the organization, Alexander Georgiadis, stressed that Greece may have turned a page, but the social and economic problems created by the crisis remain intense, and invited attendees to be inspired by the example of their compatriot John Karkalatos, to do what they can to help Greece’s recovery.

It is noted that all the proceeds of the event will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages Babies Home in Greece. Thomas Bauer, President and CEO of SOS Children’s Villages of Canada, expressed his gratitude and talked about the important social work of the charity in Greece, Canada and worldwide. Mr. Dimas noted that he has been a supporter of SOS Children’s Villages Greece since the beginning of his athletic career in Greece and as their ambassador knows firsthand the importance of the social service they offer, especially in times of crisis, when many families no longer have the financial means to provide even the necessary things to their children.

THI Canada is the latest addition to The Hellenic Initiative’s global network. It was founded in the summer of 2016 to add the contribution of Canada and its historic Greek community to the worldwide effort of the diaspora and the philhellenes to assist Greece to recover from the unprecedented financial crisis.

The Greek Community of Calgary was founded 62 years ago, and this year it is celebrating its 60th anniversary since the founding of the Greek Orthodox Church of Agios Dimitrios. The community serves the cultural and religious needs of approximately 7,000 Greek-speaking residents.

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THI Calgary “Freedom Besieged” Event - Oct 2019

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