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As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, we are redoubling our efforts to provide direct crisis relief to the people of Greece.

Please Consider Supporting Our Work

With your support, we continue our efforts to help the people in Greece who live in poverty and have limited or no access to health care services. A donation of $50 secures a student’s daily meal for a month. With a donation of $180 you can provide lonely and elderly Greeks with access to health care services and door-to-door delivery of their medications for 6 months. A donation of $3,000 will allow us to run a 3 year program providing families in remote areas of Greece with access to medical facilities and specialized personnel so that women can become pregnant and deliver their babies with safety. Together we can make a bigger impact and a real difference to peoples' lives in Greece.

The Hellenic Initiative Canada is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a registered charity (Reg# 760475491 RR 0001). When you make a donation you will receive an official donation receipt for income tax purposes issued from The Hellenic Initiative Canada.

Making a donation in memory of or in tribute to a friend or family member is a meaningful way to let others know you care. If you would like to make a donation in lieu of a gift with a special dedication, please include the Name of the person in the box above.

Become a Partner

We kindly ask you to consider subscribing to a monthly donation and become a THI Canada Partner. A specially prepared balanced meal provided through our programs costs $2.5 per day - this meal is sometimes the only one these children will receive. Join us in our efforts to combat food insecurity for the children in Greece.

Help us in our efforts to provide direct crisis relief to the people of Greece.

Build a Better Future

The Hellenic Initiative Canada, together with its relief partners, is answering the call by providing a critical safety net to families hardest hit by the crisis.

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